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Music all the WAY

What do u like in it?!?!

What bands are you into?!
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in this community you can tell what bands you are into
doesnt matter what kind it is
i will only take the critisism up to a certain level tho

once you join you fill this out:
favorite band(s):
type of music:
how did you find the comm:

thats it not too hard
no rules at the moment
and your automatically in once you try to join
12 stones, 3 days grace, 3 doors down, 311, ac/dc, adema, aerosmith, afi, alterbridge, amonarchy, angelfish, anthrax, as i lay dying, audioslave, audiovent, autumn to ashes, bands, big and rich, black sabbath, bowling for soup, candlebox, chimaria, christian death, coheed and cambria, cold, concerts, cradle of filth, death, def leppard, deftones, disturbed, dope, dresden dolls, drowning pool, evanesence, fefe dobson, finch, folly, foo fighters, gin bloossoms, godhead, godsmack, goo goo dolls, gothis child, green day, gretchen wilson, guns and roses, him, hotwire, icp, iggy pop, ill nino, incubus, iron maiden, jack off jill, jet, johnny depp, kid rock, kiss, kittie, korn, lacuna coil, lamb of god, led zepplien, less than jake, letter kills, lit, losers luck, marilyn manson, meatloaf, memento, metallica, micheal jackson, mindless self indulgence, modest mouse, motograter, motorhead, mudvayne, murderdolls, mushroomhead, mxpx, nightrage, nirvana, nofx, nonepoint, nothing face, orgy, papa roach, phantom of the opera, pink floyd, poison, queensryche, ramones, ramstein, red hot chili peppers, reo speedwagon, revis, rob zombie, savage garden, seether, sevendust, shadows fall, shinedown, silver tide, skid row, slash, slipknot, smashing pumpkins, spineshank, sr71, static-x, stereomud, stone sour, superjoint ritual, supersuckers, switchfoot, sworn enemy, system of a down, systematic, taking back sunday, taproot, tenacious d, the ataris, the darkness, the used, the vines, tommy tutone, tool, trapt, trust company, twisted sister, type o negative, ultraspank, unloco, velvet revolver, vital remains, voivod, white zombie, zebrahead